Noise Assessment, Control and Vibration Consultant

Any business venture is an exciting prospect for those that are at its helm but when starting out it quickly becomes apparent why service and product manufacturers are considered such a huge part of any area. The effect that a new construction has on the surrounding area cannot be understated and so in order to limit the negative effects of creating the workspaces that you will use for years to come, noise consultants are essential to ensure that you become a valued part of the community and do not develop negative associations before you ever start to trade. Read More

Here at Koikas Acoustics, we are Sydney’s foremost noise and vibration consultants. For over a quarter of a century, we have provided both residential and commercial builders and developers with a level of professionalism that is unrivalled. We believe that it is important that in the creating of a new building or structure that the project is handled with great care from the very beginning.

As such, once we are on board, we dedicate ourselves to ensuring that we make the correct acoustic assessments and deliver reports that are specific, clear and, of course, accurate, so that there are no adjustments required later during the construction.

Why You Should Choose Our Noise Assessment Consultants

At Koikas Acoustics, our experience as noise control consultants is extensive. Our Managing Director and Principal Consultant has worked on a variety of different projects over the years and across a range of different requirements. These include, but are not limited to, sound reinforcement for entertainment centres, road and rail traffic, aircraft, industrial, mechanical plant, construction as well as hearing conservation and occupational noise reduction.

We approach each project that we take on as if it were our own and endeavour to resolve any and all noise related issues, regardless of how challenging they may be. Our belief in getting it right from the start means that while some of our competitors offer cheaper rates than we do, our approach ensures that when you retain us as your vibration consultants, we achieve the most cost-effective solution for you, that is simultaneously in full compliances with the prevailing regulatory authorities.

Naturally, some are sceptical about whether any company can be so thorough, but our track record is as follows. Since we commenced in 1992, we have completed over 4,000 projects, all of which met the applicable criteria, and we have yet to receive a single complaint from any client as a result of a project being rejected because of the work that we completed on their behalf as noise reduction consultants.

We Are The Expert Noise Assessment Consultants

Here at Koikas Acoustics, we are very proud of the testimonials that we have received from clients both short-term and long-term. Among the responses we have received, we have been labelled a “professional outfit who have continued to instigate positive results on what can be difficult and complex projects, requiring prompt and simple solutions”.

Those that undertake to create within a community or develop new travel routes, or improve upon what already exists in the environmental infrastructure have a duty of care to those who work on the project as well as to everyone in the area today as well as to those that will come to share that space in the future.

At Koikas Acoustics, we are the noise assessment consultants who can deliver results that will meet the regulations in place for your project and lead to a positive final result. Call today to chat about what you want to achieve and learn how we can make it a distinct reality. Read Less

Ian Sinclair
2 weeks ago

Great service and excellent acoustic report from Koikas Acoustics. James who attended our site was really efficient, professional and friendly. James brought along a variety of premade flooring samples, so we had a lot of confidence in the outcomes, which enabled us to select the correct sound proofing mix to meet our acoustic by-laws. Highly recommended.

Doug Westerway
3 weeks ago

I am a project manager at DMC Building Group. We are a renovation company that works in the Sydney region. We recently engaged Koikas Acoustics to prepare a report for us in relation to a unit renovation at Lindfield to address the concerns of the body corporate. The service from Nick and his team was outstanding and the report was prepared and delivered on time and on budget. We could not be happier with their service. Highly recommended.