Analysis of Speech Intelligibility

The requirement for intelligible speech within internal or external spaces is of great importance. Clear, intelligible speech is critical for emergency address systems, in meeting rooms, lecture theatres, and other critical listening spaces. Conversely, speech privacy (low intelligibility) can sometimes be important in open plan offices and call-centre environments. Koikas Acoustics has the instruments and know-how to address all speech intelligibility requirements.

How can we define speech intelligibility?

Speech intelligibility is commonly assessed objectively in terms of a Speech Transmission Index (STI). The STI provides a direct rating of how intelligible a speech signal is in a specific environment.

Where that environment involves amplified speech via a public address system, the defined intelligibility rating is known as STIPA (Speech Transmission Index Public Address). The STI/STIPA rating range extends from 0 (poor intelligibility) to 1 (excellent intelligibility).

Koikas Acoustics is equipped to measure the STIPA ratings in your environment by using a dedicated measurement system comprising of an NTi Talkbox signal generator and NTi XL2 sound level meter.

Range of services

Whether the room in question is a concert hall. school auditorium, airport, football stadium or train station. Koikas Acoustics has the experience and instruments to ensure that all room acoustical works are undertaken accurately, cost-effectively, and on time.