Here’s what some of our clients have to say.

“Icon Construction Group and Koikas Acoustics have been in “Partnership” for want of a better term, for well over 15 years.  Together we have lodged many, many development applications with 100 percent success rate to date.

Koikas Acoustics knowledge, experience and understanding of all facets of Building Standards in Australia is of exceptional standard.  The time in terms of deliver and communication is without peer.

Accordingly, I would have no hesitation in recommending Koikas Acoustics to work with any developer/builder no matter the size of projects.”


“As a supplier of high quality European glazing systems, we are interested in providing the best systems to the market.

Koikas Acoustics expertise in research and development was applied on numerous projects resulting in innovative glazing solutions that achieve stringent acoustical requirements in a competitive industry.”


“The operations of the hospitality industry faces many challenges.

Extended trading hours, use of indoor and outdoor areas and renovations all require certification from the Regulatory Authorities and at times can be a challenge in itself.

Koikas Acoustics have at all times provided professional acoustical services and have ensured that all our projects are successfully completed in time to allow us to operate and maintain good relationships with our neighbours and the community.”


“In Koikas Acoustics, we have found a small but professional outfit who have continued to instigate positive results on what can be difficult and complex projects, requiring prompt and simple solutions.

I have enjoyed working with Nick and his team and their positive outlook in their approach to their commissions.

I know before committing to their appointment on any of our projects, that Nick will remain committed to ensuring our time frames are met, and any follow up requests for additional information attended to promptly and efficiently.

I have no hesitations in recommending Koikas Acoustics to any firms or individuals who may consider using your services in assessing and providing acoustic solutions.”


For more than 10 years, Koikas Acoustics have been an integral member of Deicorp’s trusted Consultants group.

Over this period, Nick and his team have provided Deicorp with Acoustic & Vibration Reports/Methodologies relating to our Development Applications, Construction Certification & Occupational sign-off.

Koikas Acoustics have ensured our developments are designed and constructed in accordance with the latest building standards and materials, which intern provides our clients, whether they be Residential/Commercial property purchases or Government Authorities, with the peace of mind that the works have been designed and constructed correctly.

Deicorp look forward to continuing our great business relationship with Nick and all the team at Koikas Acoustics.



Our Clients