Building Vibration Consultant

A vibration-free environment is the best scenario that all planners aim for when they are preparing a new project or undertaking a major construction or building. Our building vibration consultants will be able to monitor and create a management plan for your industrial site.

The Leading Building Vibration Consultant in Sydney

The budget for any building project determines its viability. The person that is responsible for striking the appropriate balance that will secure the best materials, workers and resources has a difficult task on their hands, and they will inevitably seek ways to limit costs where possible. There is one area that this practice can backfire. That is where building vibration monitoring is concerned. Singling out and retaining the services of a company based on their price is a practice that can ultimately cost more money in the long run. Read More

At Koikas Acoustics, we believe that the time and effort committed to any building project with regards to vibration monitoring is worth the investment. Rather than provide a service that moves from one client to the next with little consideration for the outcome, we treat each project as our own. This approach has benefitted our clients immensely to date. Since 1992, all the projects that we completed where compliance testing was required met the applicable criteria.We believe that it is essential to be flexible in the service that we provide. In addition to English, we also speak Cantonese, Greek, Hindi and Mandarin. We know that your needs may be time-sensitive, so you can expect to deal with a friendly, professional team that will deliver easy to read reports that are clearly labelled and spaced, and we will respond to any enquiries you have within a day.

Proactive Building Vibration Monitoring is a Cost-Effective Strategy

Here at Koikas Acoustics, we have plenty of experience helping clients that need to meet Council conditions or impending deadlines where something has been overlooked. We appreciate that failure to meet the criteria could mean that their DA/CC/OC could lapse and that the financial and time costs associated with the delay could potentially create problems.

As the leading building vibration consultant working in Sydney, we believe that taking proactive measures is a practice that is always rewarded. Placing your trust in a team that has extensive experience providing professional assessments for approval and preventing any damage occurring from construction works is essential.

Carrying out this work early in the planning process affords you critical insights into the environment that you are about to enter, and it gives you time to carry out adequate construction vibration planning. Assessing vibration sources and the levels that will be expected for the project is one aspect of our work. We also take into consideration the condition of existing structures and how vibrations could impact them.

A monitoring plan that will be in place from pre-construction through to post-construction affords you complete oversight of the project from start to finish. It removes doubt and uncertainty from the equation, and it empowers you to react appropriately and effectively as and when required.

Reacting without proper planning in place will just end up costing more money in the long run.

Consult With Our Building Vibration Specialists Today

At Koikas Acoustics, our vibration engineers can ensure that we achieve compliance with every project. We get it right from the start every time, and you can depend on us to back up our service with professional advice that will stand you in good stead.

When you need building vibration consulting and are motivated to balance your budget while simultaneously reduce risk, then we are the go-to service for you. Contact us today to learn more. Read Less


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Ian Sinclair
2 weeks ago

Great service and excellent acoustic report from Koikas Acoustics. James who attended our site was really efficient, professional and friendly. James brought along a variety of premade flooring samples, so we had a lot of confidence in the outcomes, which enabled us to select the correct sound proofing mix to meet our acoustic by-laws. Highly recommended.

Doug Westerway
3 weeks ago

I am a project manager at DMC Building Group. We are a renovation company that works in the Sydney region. We recently engaged Koikas Acoustics to prepare a report for us in relation to a unit renovation at Lindfield to address the concerns of the body corporate. The service from Nick and his team was outstanding and the report was prepared and delivered on time and on budget. We could not be happier with their service. Highly recommended.