Impact Noise Testing

Koikas Acoustics is often requested by Strata managers or Unit owners to undertake impact noise testing when carpet is being replaced with hard flooring systems. The most common issues with the replacement of floor coverings are:

  • The Standard Strata By-Law does not provide a quantifiable impact noise rating and as such may be interpreted subjectively. Additional noise tests are often required to demonstrate the intrusiveness of noise to occupants in adjoining Units. This is done by walking briskly across the floor and measuring the instantaneous sound pressure level over time in the adjoining Units.
  • Access to both Units (Unit with new flooring and Unit below) is required in order to undertake impact noise testing and derive impact noise ratings and measure the transient event of footfall.
  • Incorrect installation methods of hard floor covering by installers can lead to unsatisfactory impact noise transmission to adjoining occupants.

Construction details of the existing sub-base (Ceiling/Slab System)

Where quantifiable impact noise rating is nominated, and prior to undertaking noise testing of the proposed flooring system, it is advantageous to know what the construction of the existing sub-base (ceiling/slab system). This information allows one to determine the type of underlays that could be used in conjunction with the proposed hard flooring, particularly when it is found that the flooring system proposed by the Client does not provide satisfactory impact noise insulation.

Expert’s Advice and Impact Noise Testing

If carpet is to be replaced with a hard floor surface, it is important to seek professional advice from the beginning of the process. Failure to comply with the nominated impact noise criterion may require the owner of that Unit to remove or cover the new hard floor surface with carpet. Koikas Acoustics can attend to Executive Committee or Body Corporate meetings on-site to consult regarding test results, assessment procedures, and recommendations.