Environmental Noise Assessment & Report

It is very easy for any environment to become accepted for what it is, regardless of whether it is rife with noise pollution. Cars, aeroplanes, trains, industrial buildings and many more offenders create noise every single hour of every day across Sydney and while we may have become used to the sounds of the city, this does not mean that they are not having a detrimental effect on our wellbeing. An environmental noise assessment seeks to determine the exposure levels to those in the vicinity and find solutions that will reduce the invasive sound and protect their health and safety. Read More

At Koikas Acoustics, we are acoustic design consultants of distinction working in Sydney. Our friendly, professional service seeks to assist those that are in the process of addressing sound, noise and vibration related issues that either already exist or to safeguard against the likelihood that they will develop.We provide objective, insightful and professional assessments that get it right from the start. We understand that if planners and architects are going to achieve results, then they need professional backing from those with a depth of experience that affords them insights into how to reduce the possibility of noise impacting in a negative way on the environment.

The Importance of Environmental Noise Assessments

The workplace is one environment that is undergoing a major change in recent years. While certain industries have had protocols in place to deal with noise in the past, the thinking around relatively noise-free environments such as offices has changed. Persistent or repeat patterns of noise or the presence of a distracting sound from utilities can all result in poor performance by employees and can have a truly damaging effect on mental wellbeing.

As such, having an environmental noise assessment report created for the working environment is a great way to identify where problems exist that may not have been noticed, but the presence of which does little to further the efforts of the workforce.

Here at Koikas Acoustics, we appreciate that many companies have taken measures to improve the standards that are in-place where noise is concerned. However, even with the completion of what may be referred to as a ‘competent’ assessment, an environmental noise report as completed by professionals is likely to reveal many more issues.

Those that fall short of regulatory and legislative standards run the risk of being found in breach of their duty of care and so it makes sense to take precautionary steps today for a more beneficial workplace tomorrow.

We use acoustic assessment instruments that are calibrated to meet the standards and certification required by the Australian Standards and the National Measurements Act to determine the noise and vibration readings for each environment we work in. What’s more, you can feel assured of the fact that our computer modelling programs and methods of analysis and prediction of noise and vibration patterns are of the highest standard.

The Best Environmental Noise Consultants in Sydney

The last thing that any building owner, property manager or construction company wants is to learn that the report they had completed fails to meet compliance standards. Worse still, learning this when facing a potentially costly lawsuit is a scenario that nobody wants to face.

Here at Koikas Acoustics, our track record is exemplary. Having completed more than 4,000 different projects across a variety of industries, we have yet to receive a complaint from a customer as a result of their application failing as a result of our recommendations. We are the best environmental noise consultants working in Sydney and we assure you that in our hands those that you hope to insulate from noise will be well looked after.

Environmental Noise Assessment Specialists

The word environment has a different meaning for each person. The immediate surroundings wherever you live or work apply, but since the world is made up of many different professions and types of buildings and landscapes, the way that sound impacts upon those that occupy each space will be different. An environmental noise assessment is a professional service that is required to determine the level of noise in an area and how it interacts with and affects the people in its vicinity.

At Koikas Acoustics, as sound and noise consultants working in Sydney, we appreciate the way that sound can change the way we behave and interact with an environment. We have carried out thousands of professional assessments to ensure that buildings, work environments, new constructions and public developments meet the compliance standards in place so that an occupational certificate can be issued.

We approach each assessment and project as if it is our own and to date have successfully resolved any noise-related issues no matter how challenging. Rather than adapt as we progress, we get things right from the start and our recommendations have helped our clients implement effective changes that ensured they saved money and achieved full compliance.

How a Noise Impact Assessment Can Keep the Peace

Noisy neighbours come in many forms. It could be the screaming, shouting of the couple next door with their loud music or it could be a construction site that comes banging to life in the early morning and keeps the stress levels unbearably high all day.

If you are the aggrieved party, you may want a noise assessment to get something done about it. Equally, if it’s your project, you won’t want to antagonise the local population. Identifying the problem and talking about it can be the start of a resolution that makes everyone happy.

A noise assessment can be carried out for a variety of reasons and our clients range from schools and universities to hospitals. We work with the occupiers of industrial buildings and with the owners of gyms, service stations and scrapyards.

Contact Us for an Unbiased Professional Noise Impact Assessment

We’re not in the business of taking sides: we are all about finding solutions and that is where our somewhat unusual specialist knowledge can help people. We can suggest ways around it – and we can help with enhancing the good things as well as combating the bad.

Whatever your issue is, fill in the online contact form and we’ll get back to you promptly and start working on a solution.

A Track Record That is Second to None

As Members of the Australian Acoustical Society (MAAS), our team is fully qualified and we have the requisite experience in acoustical and vibration disciplinary fields to provide each client with environmental noise assessment reports and presentations that are appropriate for the professionals that will receive them.

Undertaking this kind of work in the early stages of planning with the team here at Koikas Acoustics is a proactive step that brings with it many benefits. Our sound consulting services ensures that amendments to plans and materials used can be actioned upfront, which undoubtedly saves time and money. We also afford our clients with cost-effective acoustical solutions and are happy to work with you to achieve a positive outcome.

Outside of our clients’ needs, we also take into consideration the way that noise will impact those that live in or work in the environment. Our environmental noise assessment helps the ultimate stakeholders to pursue their work or personal lives in a stress-free manner, free from exposure to noise pollution.

Our confidence in the work that we do comes from our extensive knowledge and practical experience putting our learning to good use in the real world. We have dealt with noise that comes from all manner of sources effectively, including aircraft, rail, entertainment locations, mechanical devices.

We have also achieved positive results in facilities where noise pollution could have a detrimental effect on the wellbeing of those that occupy the space, e.g. childcare centres and hospitals.

Our Clients Achieve Compliance by Undertaking an Envionmental Noise Assessment

Regardless of the stringent noise requirements that you may have to achieve on your project, rest assured that the team here at Koikas Acoustics is capable of finding workable, cost-effective solutions. We are committed to delivering timely reports and building positive relationships with our clients and those in the communities that they work with.

So, when you require the services of environmental noise consultants, simply pick up the phone or send us an email. We promise nothing less than the very best acoustical advice and the solutions to ensure that you achieve compliance. Read Less

Ian Sinclair
2 weeks ago

Great service and excellent acoustic report from Koikas Acoustics. James who attended our site was really efficient, professional and friendly. James brought along a variety of premade flooring samples, so we had a lot of confidence in the outcomes, which enabled us to select the correct sound proofing mix to meet our acoustic by-laws. Highly recommended.

Doug Westerway
3 weeks ago

I am a project manager at DMC Building Group. We are a renovation company that works in the Sydney region. We recently engaged Koikas Acoustics to prepare a report for us in relation to a unit renovation at Lindfield to address the concerns of the body corporate. The service from Nick and his team was outstanding and the report was prepared and delivered on time and on budget. We could not be happier with their service. Highly recommended.