Acoustics In Restaurants Clubs & Bars

Restaurants are often very noisy environments. This is primarily on account of the number of patrons occupying the space, and the surface finishes of the restaurant walls, floor and ceilings. Hard reflective surfaces bounce sound waves resulting in a slow decay of sound, and when there are more patrons talking, background noise levels will increase, which will in turn raise the background noise levels. This effect is known as “noise begets noise”.

A measure of the reverberation time in octave frequency bands is taken in restaurants whilst unoccupied. This information in conjunction with a detail knowledge of the existing surface finishes is used to calibrate relevant software models to predicts the reverberation time. Once the model is calibrated, it is then possible to accurately determine the type and extent of sound absorbing materials required to reduce the reverberation time which will reduce the vocal effort of patrons. Lowering the vocal effort of patrons results in lowering the noise level in a restaurant. Patrons will feel more comfortable in this environment which makes for better business.

Lowering the vocal effort and the overall noise level in restaurant means that less noise can egress or propagate to surrounding noise sensitive premises.

Room acoustic parameter modelling and prediction

Koikas Acoustics utilizes a complex ray tracing software program called Odeon which predicts many room acoustic parameters including the reverberation time and the noise within the space.

This is an indispensable tool for the assessment of noise within restaurants, clubs and pubs. With this data, it can be used in conjunction with other software programs to determine the rate of propagation from the external building envelope to surrounding premises.

Range of services

Whether the room in question is a restaurant, club or bub, concert hall, school auditorium, recording studio, football stadium or train station, Koikas Acoustics possesses the equipment, technical skills, software and experience to ensure that all acoustical services can be competently undertaken accurately, cost-effectively, and on time.