Sound Consulting Services in Sydney

One of the key issues that architects, construction companies, town planners and suppliers of all kinds of building materials consider when they are preparing a new project is how the sound will travel. Your goal is to achieve optimal conditions that enable people to continue with their day relatively uninterrupted or affected by the noise that is created in or around a structure and so sound consulting services are required in order to gain the expertise of those with vast experience in this field. Read More

Here at Koikas Acoustics, we are consultants in noise and vibration and through working with you, we can help you achieve the kind of noise-free environment that you intend to create. We are dedicated to delivering the best acoustical advice available and you can feel assured that in choosing to work with us, you stand to benefit from a vast amount of research, development and know-how that has been earned over 27 years in business.

We treat each project as our own and have absolute confidence in our ability to resolve any noise related issue, no matter how challenging it may seem to be. In terms of how we work, we believe that it is imperative to get things right from the start and so you can expect us to determine the best, most cost-effective route to success that will save you money in the long run.

Negative Effects of Noise Pollution & How Sound Consulting Will Help

Anybody that has ever worked in a noisy environment will appreciate just how detrimental an effect it can have both on productivity and mental wellbeing. Poor construction derived from a plan that gives little thought to how the finished structure will impact on the end user and those directly affected by its presence will ultimately lead to costly compensation claims and may require retrofitted solutions to negate mistakes made in the past.

Sound consulting services such as ours here at Koikas Acoustics are ideally placed to determine how different plans, materials and constructs will engage with the environment in which they are placed through an acoustic report. A noisy environment makes it difficult to converse with others and this is a disaster in business, when understanding the needs of clients and partners is essential to progress.

More damaging, however, is the fact that noise can lead to behavioural and emotional stress. Employees who are repeatedly exposed to loud noises or persistent sounds are at an increased risk of developing diseases, given the instances of blood pressure issues, increased heartbeat. Furthermore, poor noise elimination systems can impact directly on the ability to sleep, which puts those affected at greater risk of accident, and could have a detrimental effect on their career, should their performance levels drop.

For businesses, being the source of noise pollution will undoubtedly foster feelings of resentment and create negative associations, which could result in bad publicity that is difficult to turn around.

Achieve Your Goals Through Our Sound Consulting

At Koikas Acoustics, we have completed over 4,000 projects and have yet to receive a single complaint from a client as a result of their project failing to meet standards and regulations as a result of the work we carried out. We know what is required to reduce noise pollution and regardless of which industry you occupy, rest assured that we can find the perfect solutions for you.

As such, those that need sound consulting in Sydney are encouraged to pick up the phone and give us a call. We look forward to working alongside you and creating a project that achieves your sound goals. Read Less


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  • Architectural acoustics
  • Acoustic privacy
  • Speech intelligibility
  • Sound reinforcement system design
  • Airborne & impact sound transmission testing of walls, floors, doors, glazing

Ian Sinclair
2 weeks ago

Great service and excellent acoustic report from Koikas Acoustics. James who attended our site was really efficient, professional and friendly. James brought along a variety of premade flooring samples, so we had a lot of confidence in the outcomes, which enabled us to select the correct sound proofing mix to meet our acoustic by-laws. Highly recommended.

Doug Westerway
3 weeks ago

I am a project manager at DMC Building Group. We are a renovation company that works in the Sydney region. We recently engaged Koikas Acoustics to prepare a report for us in relation to a unit renovation at Lindfield to address the concerns of the body corporate. The service from Nick and his team was outstanding and the report was prepared and delivered on time and on budget. We could not be happier with their service. Highly recommended.