Thermal Imaging And Acoustics In Buildings

There is a strong relationship between thermal and acoustical qualities for building structures. The use of high-quality insulation and seals within a residential or commercial space benefits both the thermal and acoustic properties. The use of thermal imaging technology not only helps determine problem areas of heat leakage within a building, but can also identify acoustic leakages and failures.

Thermal imaging leaks and insulation

Thermography technology is used to visually determine the temperature of different surfaces via the use of complex infrared sensors. Koikas Acoustics utilizes highly sensitive thermal imaging camera to identify acoustic leakages and construction defects.

This can include poor seals around windows/doors, walls where insulation has been partially or not installed, and more. It is possible to inspect building partitions without damaging the partitions before or after occupancy. By this method, compliance can be optimized and accountability can be placed on the responsible parties respectively.

Identifying and rectifying acoustic performance issues

Thermal imaging may be used as evidence in court to identify building defects, or as a tool to rectify issues within older buildings.

Once these defects have been identified, Koikas Acoustics can recommend optimum performance solutions to bring defected building sections up to code or to superior standards.

Range of services

Whether the building in question is residential, retail, or commercial, Koikas Acoustics possesses the equipment, technical skills, and experience to ensure that all building forensics investigations are undertaken accurately, cost-effectively, and on time. We offer free telephone consultation to assist with this process.