The Dangers of Noise Pollution

Noise pollution is defined as being an excessive amount of noise that disrupts the natural balance. Disturbances to sleep patterns can cause fatigue and irritation, resulting in a reduced performance at work and in other activities.

Although we can become accustomed to sounds that we hear all the time and notice them less after a while, particularly loud noises that occur intermittently will cause a disturbance. Noises made by traffic, industry and other human sources can be classed as noise pollution if they become excessive.

As well as lack of sleep, excessive noise can also cause other health issues such as stress, tension and aggressive behaviour. These issues can become more severe over time and can lead to other health problems later in life. Loud noises at frequent intervals can result in high blood pressure, stress-related heart problems and other cardiovascular issues such as heart disease.

Extremely loud noises can make it difficult to communicate and can even lead to headaches and result in hearing loss if the noises are prolonged.

At Koikas Acoustics, we can help you deal effectively with offensive sounds. We can assess the sound levels and suggest economical ways of overcoming them so that you can enjoy a peaceful environment.

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