Have you ever wished that you could focus a little better when you’re working or studying at home? Or have you ever left the office wishing you didn’t have to endure a headache because of a persist sound throughout the day? For countless Australians, every day is a losing battle against noise pollution, whether it is in the home or at work.

Acoustic assessments are the answer, and the reason why you need one in your building is so that you can find cost-effective solutions that will make a very big difference in terms of your quality of life, your outlook and your ability to operate at the peak of your abilities.

Each building is somewhat different, be that in its construction and the materials used, or with regards to the environment that it is located in. Many buildings throughout the country were designed and built with little consideration given to the way that the noise in the area would interact with it. As such, the addition of a new road system, or an increase in road traffic can all contribute to a highly disruptive environment.

While many tenants, owners and property developers choose to do nothing about the issue, the truth is that no matter how complicated it is, there is always something that can be done to make life more enjoyable. At Koikas Acoustics, we help our clients achieve a noise-free environment and have first-hand experience determining the most cost-effective way to achieve this, regardless of how complex the issues are.

A great building should not be looked at simply in terms of its scope to provide space for families to live in, or for work to be carried out, but instead it should be looked at for its potential to enhance the prospects and possibilities of all those who engage with the space. You will most likely find that the best buildings are those that benefitted from the presence of a sound engineer during the design process, as well as throughout construction.

The benefits that can be expected from a great building that incorporates the best of acoustical technology and solutions include a welcome boost to concentration levels. It is almost impossible to focus on the task at hand when a persistent or nuisance sound continually breaks your thought process.

Sleep deprivation is an issue that many people who live in buildings with poor acoustics suffer from. However, given that a lack of sleep can lead to additional secondary effects, including heart disease and the likely onset of mental illnesses, noise pollution must be eradicated as soon as it is identified.

In the work environment, noise should be viewed as a risk factor as opposed to just a nuisance. Employees that need to communicate with each other may find that their messages are not received or understood properly, which can lead to mistakes being made and lives being placed at risk. Furthermore, company owners have a duty of care to their employees and should create a workspace that does not negatively impact one of their senses.

Thinking about acoustic assessments and why you need one in your building will inevitably lead you to the conclusion that every aspect of your life is compromised or limited in some way when noise becomes over-bearing and must be catered to over the day or night. Even on a purely consumerist level, the superior audio-visual equipment that is common to many homes today is limited by noise, which means that your investment will never achieve the return you hoped for unless you take action.

Professional acoustic assessments are the means of achieving a tranquil home, or a more efficient, safe workplace. So, whatever your goals are, don’t let noise hold up your future when the solutions to a better quality of life are ready to be implemented today.

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